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 Dualin With Cows  -  2002 AQHA stallion - Reference Sire
Dualin is the result of a breeding program that puts the top cutting sires together. Peppy San Badger, Doc's Hickory, Freckles Playboy and Smooth Herman build the third generation on his papers, bred to daughters of Docs Remedy, Kings Pistol, Doc Bar and Two Eyed Jack. 
He is a very easy to handle stud, a breeze to train with a willing attitude and friendly disposition. After a summer out on pasture with the mares he goes right back to work at the ranch. 
Dualin was not shown due to our focus on raising cattle with the help of great horses.
sire Dual Pep (NCHA $302,053.60)
(Peppy San Badger)
Dualin Gun
Miss Silver Pistol (NCHA $500,876.05
(Doc's Hickory)
dam Mucho Playboy  (NCHA $25,968.96)
(Freckles Playboy)
Mucha Monet
Senorita Smooth 
(Smooth Herman)
Dualin's bloodlines:
See his full pedigree on the bottom of this page or research his heritage at

Breeding to Dualin:
Dualin stands for outside mares only for pasture breeding.
Stud fee $350, mare care (wet or dry) $75/month. We recommend to leave the mare for at least two cycles with the stud (two month).
The mare needs a health certificate including CEM tested negative, vaccinated for EHV-1, no shoes.
5-panel DNA tested negative (he does not carry any of the diseases)

The diseases tested for in the 5-panel are PSSM1, HERDA, GBED, HYPP, and MH.
This is a link to a somewhat shortended and understandable article for more information on these inherited diseases: Understanding 5-panel Testing

Dualin's offspring:
We started several under saddle and got feedback from buyers. 
Our own experience and the one of the buyers have a lot in common: they describe their young horses as calm, smart, very trainable and quick on their feet. Due to our location most foals sell to working outfits rather than to show homes.
July 2014 - pictured in pasture condition 2015 foal crop
September 2013 - pictured in pasture condition after breeding season July 2010
July 2012 - pictured in pasture condition July 2012
June 2010 - pictured in pasture condition June 2010
September 2010 - These pictures were taken when we took him away from his mares after breeding season. Dualin is usually a very mellow stallion that is easy to handle and rides even in groups with mares without any problems. We took him to work cattle the next day - he rode as good and better as any of the other horses which had been used all summer. 

sire Peppy San Badger
Dual Pep
sire Miss Dual Doc (Docs Remedy)
Dualin Gun
dam Doc's Hickory (Doc Bar)
Miss Silver Pistol
Pistol Lady 2 Be (Kings Pistol)
Dualin With Cows
sire Freckles Playboy
Mucho Playboy 
dam Doc's Leopard (Doc Bar)
Mucha Monet
dam Smooth Herman  (Jet Smooth)
Senorita Smooth 
Miss Impressive (Two Eyed Jack)


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